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Hello all.
I have decided to make a place to show my computers.
They are not the fastest/hottest/best by any means, but they are mine.
I have had a few people interested in them, so here is most of my pc's, with a description, and what pictures I could find.
Click on pictures for a larger version.

** UPDATE 23 Sept 2015 **
Deciding NOT to spend $1000+ on a 'real' server rack, I build one.
It is complete, and my networking equipment has been relocated to the new rack, and back online.

The MB (Make/Model for rack equipment) links to a gallery for that equipment, where applicable.

PC's with a red * are running BOINC in their spare time.

Current PCs [and servers] (these are in use)
Picture MB CPU RAM HDD Video OS Notes
* HP 436603-001
(old pic)
Dual Xeon Irwindale SL8P4
3.4Ghz - Socket 604
8Gb DDR2-400 ECC Maxtor 120Gb SATA
WD 250Gb SATA2
SLES 11 SP 3 This is my Firewall and Network DNS/DHCP/WINS/SMB server
* SuperMicro

(old pic)
Dual Xeon Harpertown E5462
2.8Ghz - Socket 771
16Gb DDR2-800 ECC Seagate 320Gb SATA2
(2) Hitachi 320Gb SATA2 RAID1
(4) Seagate 500Gb SATA2 RAID5
ATI ES1000
Mageia 5 The X7DWN+ is the main server, running my Game Emulators, DataBase and Web Sites.
Dual Xeon Irwindale SL8P6
3.0Ghz - Socket 604
8Gb DDR2-400 ECC 4Gb SSD SATA3
(9) 300Gb U320 SCSI
(5) 146Gb U320 SCSI
SCSI drives in ZFS
FreeNAS 9.3.0 This is the NAS and streaming server for my home network.
It currently holds our DVD collection and backups for all network computers.
* SuperMicro

(old pic)
Dual Xeon Paxville SL8MA
3.0Ghz - Socket 604
16Gb DDR2-400 ECC (4) WD 500Gb SATA2 RAID5
(2) Hitachi 250Gb SATA2 RAID1
Seagate 1Tb SATA2
Matrox G550 PCI-X Mageia 4 This one is my development box.
GIGABYTE GA-880GA-UD3H AMD Athlon II x3 450 Rana
3.4Ghz - Socket AM3+
8Gb DDR3-1333 Hitachi 320Gb SATA3 (boot)
(3) Toshiba 500Gb SATA3 RAID0
Dual ATI Radeon HD6850 Win10
Mageia 5
This is my new(ish) Game PC.
It is currently running newer games like WoW, EvE, and Skyrim.
Intel D975XBX2 Intel D 750
3.5Ghz - Socket 775
4Gb DDR2-800 WD Blue 320Gb SATA2 EVGA GeForce GT9500 Mageia 4 This PC is used to play Linux games.
* ASUS M2N68-AM SE2 AMD Athlon II x2 215
2.7Ghz - Socket AM2+
4Gb DDR2-1066 Hitachi 500Gb SATA2 nVidia GeForce GTX9500 Win7 This one is my Daughter's PC.
They use it for ABC Mouse, WoW, and Netflix. :)
MSI Z97 PC Mate Intel Core i3
3.7Ghz - Socket LGA1150
Seagate 1Tb SATA3 SSD Dual EVGA nVidia GTX680 SLI Win10 This is my eldest sons new Game PC.
I forgot to get pics after I put in the 2nd 680
Biostar N68S3B
(old pic)
AMD Athlon II x3 450 Rana
3.4Ghz - Socket AM3+
Seagate 1Tb SATA3 MSI nVidia GTX480 PCI-E Win7
Mageia 4
This is my eldest sons Backup Game PC.
GigaByte GA-965P-DS3 Intel Core 2 Duo
2.8Ghz - Socket 775
4Gb DDR2-800 WD 500Gb SATA2 (boot)
Seagate 320Gb SATA
EVGA GeForce GT610 Win7 This one is my Wife's Desktop and Work PC.
Unused PC's (still operational and/or in build process)
Picture MB CPU RAM HDD Video OS Notes
1Ghz - Socket A (462)
Maxtor 40Gb IDE nVidia GeForce 5300 MS-DOS 6.1
This is my old DOS box.
I still use this to play my old DOS games...War, War2, T7G, HACK, MYST, SIMCity
ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+
2.0GHz - Socket 939
Seagate 500Gb SATA2 Dual EVGA GeForce GTX9800 Win XP This one is a game pc for running the older Windows games...GTA, Diablo, StarCraft, UO.
MSI K8T Neo2 AMD Athlon 64 3700+
2.2Ghz - Socket 939
Maxtor 80Gb IDE UDMA4
Seagate 160Gb IDE UDMA4
nVidia GeForce *something* Win XP This old MSI board is not doing anything right now.
ECS 755-A2
(old pic)
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
2.2GHz - Socket 754
Seagate 160Gb IDE DMA2 nVidia GeForce 7800 AGP Win XP This one is my Shop PC
I use it to avoid tracking back and forth when I'm working outside.

      (3) Maxtor 512Mb IDE DMA2   Mandrake Linux 8.1 This one is my Backup PC.
It's mainly for collecting dust, as it began life with me as my home server in the early 2000's after my old 486 died.
It doesn't get a lot of use now.(and I cant find it)
It still has a few really old 512Mb ATA33 HDDs in it.
Other Boards (not in use)
Picture MB CPU RAM HDD Video OS Notes
Biostar TF570 AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+
2.1GHz - Socket AM2
SATA2 Dual PCI-E   Biostar TF570
SuperMicro X6DHE-XG2 Dual Socket 604 DDR2-800 SATA2 PCI-E none Spare X6DHE-XG2 board.
Dell Pentium 4 SL6S2
2.53GHz - Socket 478
none ATA none none Unknown Dell board. With CPU.
          This is a placeholder.
            This is a placeholder.
Old PC's (broke/gone)
Picture MB CPU RAM HDD Video OS Notes
Dual Xeon
4Gb DDR2-333 (2) WD 250Gb SATA Matrox MX-440 Mandrake Linux 10.2 This one is the old server, which was destroyed in a lightning strike in early August 2013.
I bought it new in 2003 to replace the Backup PC (above) as the main server.
Server Rack
Picture Make/Model Links/Connections ?? Notes
Network Server Rack (24) Gigabit Ethernet Ports
(24) 10/100Mbps Ethernet Ports
G and N Wireless
(18) 100Mbps Fiber ports
  This is my Curent Server Rack.
HP Proliant DL140 G2 (6) Gigabit Ethernet Ports
(1) 10Mbps Control Port
  This is my Firewall and Network server.
SuperMicro CSE-745TQ-R800B (2) Gigabit Ethernet Ports   This is the main server, using the SuperMicro X7DWN+ board.
SuperMicro CSE-933S1-R760B (2) Gigabit Ethernet Ports
(1) RJ-45 COM Port
  This is my NAS, using the SuperMicro X6DHE-G2 Board.
BlackBox High Density Media Converter II (18) RJ-45 (TX) to ST (SX)   18 Slot Media Convertion Center
NetGear GS724T (24) 10/100/1000Mbps Ports   Ethernet Smart Switch, Currently set up with 2 VLANs, running different parts of my internal network.
HP 2524 ProCurve (24) 10/100Mbps Ports   Ethernet Managed Switch, Currently set up with 4 VLANs running different parts of my internal network.
      This is a placeholder.

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